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    “If you’ve been to Colombia then you understand my inspirations. If you haven’t been to Colombia, these designs will help you travel to the sexy streets of Cartagena without reaching for your passport.”

    Carolina’s Inspiration is drawn from Colombia’s rich resources and artistic raw talent. She recalls spending time on her family’s haciendas in the mountains and in the Caribbean city of Cartagena. It was there where she knew that she wanted to be in fashion. Growing up, she was mesmerized by the lush greens of the plantations and mountains, the beauty of the flora and fauna, the color lined bougainvillea cobble stone streets by the sea, the music, the culture and the wide array of fruit and delicacies that are so exotic. Everything is bold and colorful; the textiles, the gold so rich and the deep hues of green emeralds that are native of Colombia. She saw all of the potential. These beautifully detailed works created by local artisans needed to be turned into luxury items for the rest of the world to see.

    On recent trips to Colombia, Carolina met with indigenous women from different communities. Some were displaced due to the violence that had been ongoing in Colombia. Their talent is so impressive and given Carolina’s nature of giving back, she teamed up with these talented women to create affordable luxury pieces that are handmade and each unique.

    Artisan Made Fashion

    Fun. Festive. Bold. Experience Carolina’s designs and you experience Colombia. Each piece represents a memory, or tells a story; connecting people to the culture and beauty that is Colombia. Carolina digs into the history and culture of Colombia to come up with inspiration for her designs.

    Her designs are embellished with the most intricate detail using local artist talent from each region that are native of Colombia. Carolina travels frequently to Colombia to work closely with her team. She handpicks textiles and stones and works with local artisans and designers to produce one of a kind pieces. The detail and time that is put into making each piece by hand is what truly makes it a luxury.

    Her colorful necklaces reflect the vivid architecture and the charisma of the country. Bold. Bright. Welcoming. Carolina’s clothing sway to the sultry rhythm of a hot and steamy night spent dancing merengue and salsa with an aguardiente in hand. Her one of a kind jewelry tells stories of the country, the people, the culture.

    Each piece is unique and handmade in Colombia with love.

    Meet Carolina

    Carolina Born in Washington DC to Colombian parents, Carolina has travelled extensively throughout Europe, Latin America and lived abroad in Haiti, Costa Rica, Colombia and France. Carolina draws upon her worldly experiences and passion for style to create fashion-forward designs while keeping an eye on details that her clients adore. She grew up spending holidays and summers between her families haciendas in Bogota, Colombia and Cartagena, Colombia a mystical place dear to her heart that she calls her second home. Cartagena's sultry weather, rich history, colorful architecture and vivacious culture embodies her style, love for exotic foods, music, entertaining and adventure.

    Carolina spent many, many years styling women across the globe personally and professionally. She then went on to work for a fashion label in New York City. Carolina focused on building her career until she gained enough experience to venture out on her own in pursuit of her true calling. A dream she always had. 

    The designer is the loving mother to two beautiful children, Alexandre and Fiona, and her dog, Lola. Carolina is active in various philanthropic groups, based in Washington, DC, and serves on a number of boards. Her belief in giving back, and her appreciation for her deep roots, is why she has focused her mission to include indigenous communities and women that are heads of households in Colombia. Proceeds of each sale will serve to support these beautiful women.